Focus for Today: Continuity


On most days, where you wake up is where you will go to sleep. Where you go to sleep is where you will wake up. There is a continuity to life. What is the thread or threads that create continuity in the tapestry of your life? Do you want to expand on what is already started or is it time to add a new thread?

Focus for Today: Synthesis


As we consider new ideas and awareness, new perspectives, it is helpful to synthesize them with those we already hold close. Like a puzzle, it may take time to find where everything fits. When the pieces are all in place, there is a gorgeous picture (your life!) that unfolds!

Focus for Today: Perspective


When looking a new ideas and options, it is easy to come from our past history. Consider stepping into a new perspective, that of your future. What does your life look like after you’ve completed your new project or taken this action? What new doors are open for you as you look at your life from a positive perspective?